Michel de Goey

                      freelance translator


Specialized in complex content texts
Translations from German and English into Dutch
University degree

About Michel

Michel de Goey MSSc
Native language:
Dutch (for the Netherlands and/or for Belgium)
Source languages:
English and German
Social Science faculty
Andragogy, Economic sociology
Business psychology
Freelance translator since:
Technical, medical, pharmaceutical, IT and patents

A brief introduction

I am Michel de Goey. I operate under the business name Montes. I translate complex content texts from German and English into Dutch. Dutch is my native language. I translate into Dutch for both geographical areas: the Netherlands and Belgium. My English and German are both at a near-native level.

In 1983 I completed my master studies in social sciences at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. After this, I travelled the world representing my own high-end audio equipment company. During my travels I learned a lot about the business culture and language in North America and various Asian and European countries.

Next, I became a freelance IT professional and programmer, which I did for about ten years. As a translator I currently work on various types of text, mainly in the following fields: automotive, audio and video, software (use and development), complex heavy equipment, social sciences (e.g. psychology and sociology), medicine, pharmaceuticals and tourism.

Please refer to my CV for further information on my knowledge, skills and experience.

Specialized in complex content texts


Translating complex content texts is my strong suit. My technical background has given me hands-on experience which allows me to translate complex texts. Until recently, I was responsible for the point-of-sale software for 60 shops. Recently I translated the user interface text and corresponding folders and manuals for a German software company from German into Dutch. I have ample experience translating and localizing ICFs (Informed Consent Forms) for children, teenagers and adults, as well as screening and examination requests. In short, my experience and proven quality translations make me the ideal partner for your complex translation projects.


Automotive – Medical and Pharmaceutical – Technical – Tourism
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Are you looking for the right translator for your (complex) text? Please fill out the form and I will contact you shortly! You can contact me by e-mail or call me if you prefer this method of communications. Please send your message to micheldegoey@gmail.com or call me at +31 (0) 646 158 949..


Michel de Goey
Gelderstraat 1
5854 BM Nieuw Bergen (Lb.)
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 59862246

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